More Silicon Valley: More Artificial Intelligence – More automation

100% paperless accounting and tax returns

  • More automation: At least 50% Less time
  • Price / performance optimization – at least 30% cost reduction
  • Connect your data from anywhere
  • 100% future proof vicinity
  • Modular building blocks – Easy to get started
    step by step
  • Better decisions based on facts: More profit
  • Artificial intelligence (AI): intelligent decisions
Data storytelling:
Create stunning reports for your partners: Explore data visually with a free-form drag-and-drop canvas and modern data visualizations. 
Impress: Publish reports directly to the report server. Organize your custom reports in folders, define access, and update and organize them as you wish.
World class: Real-time communication: Cross-device availability.
Share reports with your users to use on web and mobile. Best communications.
A data-driven culture:
Share rich, customized data visualizations, enabling you to make decisions based on facts, not instincts..
Intelligent analyzes in companies: Share decision-relevant results to team members inside and outside your organization and customize permissions.
Intelligent tools for reliable results
with data visualizations:  Access customized visualizations on the go with the mobile app for you and your team to make data-driven decisions from anywhere in the world.
Real-time analytics updates
Knowledge: Improve your team’s collaboration by staying up to date with content subscriptions and update notifications.
Apps: Get clear insight into the drivers and trends of your workload capacity with transparent metrics: Optimize your decisions in real time
and so does your profit
Apps: Save time and money: By visualizing repeatable content management processes and using them for your company. Personalize them to match your corporate identity.
Apps: Take advantage of advanced world-class reporting anywhere:
Easily annotate reports using any touchscreen and draw your team’s attention to important communications.
Impress with Worldklass Treasury data processing:
Azure Data Bricks:
Analyze large amounts of data efficiently and more securely.
With Azure Databricks, you can easily transform data at any scale and gain insights through analytical dashboards and operational reports.
Work effectively with your team.
Azure Machine Learning:
Visualize insights enriched with built-in machine learning capabilities.
Empower business analysts to build machine learning models or enrich data with pre-built models.
Automated machine learning supports your decisions by enabling and accelerating the development of accurate models.