More Silicon Valley: More Artificial Intelligence – More automation

100% paperless accounting and tax returns

  • More automation: At least 50% Less time
  • Price / performance optimization – at least 30% cost reduction
  • Connect your data from anywhere
  • 100% future proof vicinity
  • Modular building blocks – Easy to get started
    step by step
  • Better decisions based on facts: More profit
  • Artificial intelligence (AI): intelligent decisions
Proactively monitor cash flow, identify trends and create dynamic forecasts, make data-driven decisions with intelligent AI-powered cash flow forecasting.
Thrive in a subscription-based economy
Use subscription billing to adapt to complex billing and pricing scenarios, gain actionable insights, and automate reporting for recurring revenue streams.
Plan your cash flow more precisely:
Reliably predict customer payments with AI support
Increase employee productivity.
Automate simple tasks. Prioritize important financial work with a solution that works seamlessly with Microsoft 365.
Standardize and automate your business processes
Process supplier invoices automatically Save time and labor costs by automatically sending invoices to workflow and matching supplier invoice lines and receipts
Adapt quickly to changing regulatory requirements
Benefit from rules-based chart of accounts and globalization services to simplify tax determination and calculation, electronic invoicing and reporting.
Effectively manage credit risk and collections
Provide a single source of truth for business intelligence.
Build rules- and AI-predicted collections automation that helps increase on-time payments, optimize cash flow, and save time and money.
Meet local and global business needs to scale
Accelerate global expansion with out-of-the-box localizations for 44 countries/regions and 52 languages
Provide a single source of truth for business intelligence
Connect data and processes across Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and partner applications to create a centralized source of intelligent information for more effective cross-functional collaboration.
Minimize the need for customization: Create configurable business documents with Microsoft 365 templates. Easy adjustments without time-consuming work.
Go paperless, speed up processes, improve traceability with electronic invoice document submission and exchange with flexible formats and business-to-business automation workflows.